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Vienna Hotel (Shenzhen Flughafen Store) (Vienna Hotel (Shenzhen Airport)), Das Hotel befindet sich in Xiasha, Fuwei Gemeinde, Fuyong Town, nahe dem Eingang von Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, entlang der Bao'an Avenue, ungefähr fünf Minuten zu Fuß von Metro Line 1 (Airport East U-Bahn Station), ungefähr 35-Minuten Fahrt vom Fenster der Welt, Happy Valley, herrliche China, Volkskultur Dorf, etc.Das Hotel liegt neben der Lebensmittelstraße, mit allen Arten von lokalen Snacks, die Ihnen verschiedene Geschmacksknospen auf der Spitze Ihrer Zunge geben. Es gibt große Einkaufszentren, Bars, Spezialitätenrestaurants und Freizeitzentren um.
Das Hotel hat schöne Umgebung, bequemen Transport und bequemes Wohnen.Das Hotel ist mit mehr als 100-Standard, luxuriösen und Business-Zimmer ausgestattet. Es gibt panoramische Wandmalereien und 50 Zoll oder 43 Zoll-TV im Zimmer, die Ihnen eine andere visuelle Erfahrung geben. Es scheint, dass Sie in einem komfortablen ländlichen Bereich sind. Das Bad ist mit einer großen Dusche ausgestattet, und P & G oder Xia Shilian Bad Produkte sind Standard.
Im ersten Stock des Hotels gibt es eine Tagungsbar, die mit allen Arten von Büchern, Teegetränken und Süßigkeiten ausgestattet ist. Sie finden Ruhe in der Innenstadt und haben Freizeit auf der Reise. Der Duft von Büchern ist dicht und der Duft von Blumen ist voll.
Das Hotel bietet auch kostenlosen Shuttle-Bus-Service am Flughafen, rechtzeitig (für Details, bitte konsultieren Sie die Händler). Nahtlose Verbindung zwischen Flughafen und zurück ist die beste Wahl für geschäftliche Verhandlungen, Tourismus, Freizeit und Unterhaltung.
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Bewertungen Mehr
  • Disney1983
    It's not bad
  • angjun2001
    The aircraft because it was night, and later, landing at 12 o'clock, make hotel calls specifically to pick, check-in quickly.
  • airtac
    Lived a few years ago, feeling, go out to eat a meal, go airport shuttle.
  • e03399463
    A free airport transfer service, a 10-minute drive, check-in and check out was quick, good health, very clean. Shortcomings hotel room floor against the tide, to pay attention to slip. sink into the water is bad, ask the waiter to give simple treatment to make. There is no restaurant, eat out of the hotel, it is not convenient.
  • oceanss
    The bed is very soft and comfortable, just renovated and new, front desk very good.
  • xpd123
    Make do
  • lcx1026
    All right
  • Daniel Wu
    Room good, affect the rest
  • bv1013
    Feel-good, the environment is also good, close to airport, close and more convenient.
  • arra116
    Help good friend he said
  • flyliaice
    Stay fast, good condition. health, good service attitude
  • batistutaily
    Okay, stay, also is not very good, behind the hotel there are many places to eat
  • tony xiao
    Health is very good, beds are large, a good sleeper at night, service was good, no faults.
  • ccl45
    From the hotel to the airport, Metro station very near! hotel shuttle bus service is also! good!
  • cdyiwen
    General hotel facilities, next to the same location can go to Jinjiang
  • dee0301
    Large room, pick-up, very good location, near from the airport. below is a logistics company, noisy in the morning. no breakfast. service is very good.
  • larryjin
    Which is very nice
  • a499466674
    Near the airport, the room was clean, facility may be a long time, and some aging!! whole can!
    Nice location, near the airport is the most convenient hotel
  • joebj
    Bad room far in advance to 11 o'clock at night cannot come into the room to clean was the silent health bad will never go near the airport is again selected
  • fredmarina
    It's near the airport, convenient
  • Bull33
    Hotel located near the airport and CMB for free shuttle, very convenient. service attitude.
  • aimee2004
    it is ok
  • e02670306
    Transportation is convenient, rooms were clean, compared with quality hotels, great. waiters are warm, next time will stay
  • apptt
    Live in Vienna for the first time, and imagination are not the same, does not mean that he is bad, just like he was used to living Hotels chain style of thinking
  • aixi881126
    Generally, 3 star quality so the door will regret this?
  • graceli
    Deluxe room was too noisy in the evening sound is not very good, have sent the car at the airport in the morning is very convenient, good full marks
  • rtsui
    Good, comfortable
  • daviddur
    Hotel is very good and free shuttle service
  • px410
    Things lost will not return, the quality needs to be improved
  • jeanocean
    Getting worse!
  • driftingsand
    Good location, in addition to the prices to be a little value can also be
  • greatlee
    There are a lot of express traffic, loud, not sleep
  • guoguolan
    Convenient flights live here too early in the morning
  • mixueer9964
    Nice, clean and comfortable.
  • biiigcat
    Late-night noise around the hotel, and after midnight sound outside the window was noisy. Special 2 behind the window
  • e00725328
    Good location, but noisy, close to airport, convenient and General level.
  • Arlington
    Live more comfortable, and the room was clean and facilities can.
  • laurientwang
    Have lived many times, mostly without wireless Internet access is not easy.
  • e00343940
    Very good just met the World Cup opening ceremony cool yy
  • cfy820
    Located next to the abandoned old airport, close to Metro station, hotel did not credit card authorization, amazing room so-so, and surrounding lots.
  • e02177095
    Selected this maximum of reasons is fancy he has received machine service, day just aircraft delayed, Xia machine Hou call to front desk called he arrangements car to received I, was told at two o'clock yihou not received of, spot silly off, called I himself go past, I early to I to strangers, cheat I go go six or seven minutes, cheats cheats big cheats, half hours also go not to, to has there really think environment not how front desk attitude and bad, regret wow
  • luoxj
    Airport transfer services! good! is the surrounding environment was not very good!
  • e00012585
    Very close from the airport to facilitate travel.
  • lpx123star
    Walk more than 100 meters behind the hotel there is plenty to eat. Life is good. (Hotel CMB to the Airport leaves every 30 minutes)
  • Jasoncool2012
    Well there is an airport bus shuttle
  • ffyjx_168
    Airport transfer service is also good, next time you select here.
  • bn110
    Sanitation can is aircraft noise outside was too noisy, the noise well!
  • gilleanlin
    Location near the airport, bus meter to the hotel to close to 60 Yuan, hotels also have a pick up truck, but delay not get outside logistics station, a bit noisy at night, and overall is good, a good time to go out in the morning to the airport, or their very troublesome
  • e01724091
    Room was clean quiet surrounded by eating ' also have a pick up service!